Teambuilding and Group Coaching Programs

Tired of the same old boring Team Building Programs?

These Adventure Themed programs can be designed around the specific goals of your group and can include advanced facilitation featuring the Six Seconds (SEI®) EQ  Assessment and Life Balance Tools.

Let us provide your company with an exhilarating Team Building Adventure featuring unique Nautical and Land Based Programs!

Our exceptional corporate events provide an adventure-based platform designed for participants of all ages and physical abilities. Our programs will help your team develop better communication skills while discovering new strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

All while building stronger relationships and having a blast enjoying beautiful Lake Lanier!

 Over 25 years’ experience designing one-of-a-kind and custom Corporate Team Building programs for groups of 6 – 200 participants.
Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies have “set sail for success” with us.
Our corporate events are conducted at several unique venues in and around Lake Lanier. We feature dynamic Nautical Adventures on pristine Lake Lanier.

 Team building activities are just that – active. It’s about being spontaneous and revealing who you are, as an individual and a team, through actions. Team building helps build a learning culture and engage the strengths of the whole team.



Land Based Team Building

If you are looking for something creative and adventurous that is land based, the “All-American” is designed to get everyone involved by solving challenges and gathering points while working together as a team. This is something like an amazing race, with a twist! This is a great program for companies, churches, and family events!

We take time to build some team identity by asking the group to choose a name and then a “uniform”.. A bandana of the teams choice. Then it’s off to the races with solving timed initiatives that take the group far and wide. This land-based activity can be done off-site or at your location depending on logistics. 




Comfort, Safety and Privacy

Appointments may be virtual in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. No drive time. No waiting rooms.
If you prefer to meet in person, we can set a time and place that is convenient to you that works for your schedule.

I follow the ICF Code of Ethics strict standard in client privacy and confidentiality.
For more information regarding the ICF standards and procedures, please ask for the ICF Code of Ethics pack and it will be provided to you