What is Life Coaching

Coaching is a consistent, scheduled time that is set aside for you to explore and talk about what you want to see happen in specific areas of your life. It is a safe place where you think about what is important in your thoughts and heart, and our able to determine your next steps. Taking the first step for yourself with coaching will give you confidence and clarity in direction.

Coaching is not counseling or mentoring. Coaching is about letting go of what is not serving you and taking measurable steps toward tangible goals.

Life coaching is used to look ahead at the places you would like developed in your own life personally and professionally.  It provides a place for you to partner with a professional coach and process what it will take to move forward and set goals along the way depending on how slow or fast you would like to go.

Our individual coaching packages our 45 to 55 minutes long and are bi-weekly, monthly , or quarterly. They are available in a Zoom call or in person, depending on your preference and location. Please take a moment to look at the Neural Net Life Balance and EQ Assessments as well. They are a great place to start exploring and give a great spring board into conversations that might be important to you.

 My individual coaching prices are $130.00 a session. If you book six appointments in advance, you will save 10% off each session. I give a 20% discount to all military and senior citizens.





What is Executive Coaching

Team leaders need support to grow to the next level, and a proven way to get that support is with a executive coach.  Coaching improves individuals and then is a trickle down effect that empowers everyone on the team. Coaching is used to cultivate the soft skills of self-awareness and confidence and also works to develop  the hard skills of making a business plan,  creating vision and teamwork.  Whether you are moving into a new corporate position or leading a group into a new phase of development, executive coaching can be the catalyst for the change you are looking for.  Leaders and team members alike say that they have overall positive results that bring greater camaraderie and increased revenue. With quarterly check-ins to watch progress, executive coaching is a game changer!

Group Programs

Vision Quest

This program is designed around the topic of vision and opening up communication in a safe environment. Pre-work material is done in advance, and then breakout sessions follow with specific goals and outcomes. This is a wonderful program to do in conjunction with the Fun Run Pontoon Adventure! The deep work that comes with vision and planning is balanced with a fun and energizing experience on the lake.


This program is great for a team that has just met and is getting ready for project development or ministry goals.  The time is spent building relationships and getting to know one another’s strengths. Pre-work material is completed by each person in advance, then a creative three-hour breakout session follows to develop individual growth and team camaraderie. This is a great program that can be built into the Fun Run Pontoon Adventure.


Soft Skills Advantage

Soft skills are interpersonal skills are what make organizations stand out! They help give companies an edge over others because of their high standard of support for their employees from the top down. Companies look for individuals that are confident, have good listening skills, and are self-motivated. These are great attributes to have, however, giving your employees the tools to grow in these areas will spark new growth, and in turn, give you what you the results you are looking for in your team. Our Emotional Intelligence assessments from Six Seconds are state of the art, and give each person a framework of where they are now and how to grow in the EQ competencies.


I am a Christian Life and Business Coach. I walk along-side clients to achieve their goals personally and professionally. I work with individuals, businesses, churches, entrepreneurs and in small group settings.

Call me if you have questions about life coaching, group coaching or life balance assessments and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Comfort, Safety and Privacy

Appointments may be virtual in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. No drive time. No waiting rooms.
If you prefer to meet in person, we can set a time and place that is convenient to you that works for your schedule.

I follow the ICF Code of Ethics strict standard in client privacy and confidentiality.
For more information regarding the ICF standards and procedures, please ask for the ICF Code of Ethics pack and it will be provided to you